Another wall mural designed to brighten up a street blighted by graffiti has appeared near the “home of harry potter” in Candlemaker Rowwall mural harry potter edinburgh scott methven artist

The Harry Potter themed work of art – which covers the gable end of Maple Arts & picture framing store  celebrates the magical area where JK Rowling penned and based some of her world famous harry potter books.

The wall has always been a target for vandals, but it is hoped the new face lift will provide a welcome artistic addition to the infamous street.

The mural was commissioned by the owners at Maple Arts Gary & Cheryl Macdonald. They sought an artistic creation on what they felt was just a huge blank canvas and they also hoped the artwork could provide a lift to the area and has been welcomed in the community as they have received many positive comments. It has already proved to deter further vandalism.

Gary praised the new mural as “a fantastic, fabulous piece of art, more than we had hoped for.” As Gary explained when they initially spoke to Scott they knew his ideas & creativity would produce something special and unique, and It’s the perfect place as the harry potter tours stop and discuss the Elephant House cafe opposite the Store.

He said: “The wall is beautiful now. I’m amazed that after a year of planning it all seems to have come together in a week”

The detailed design & theme, which features various symbolswall mural scott methven edinburgh artist harry potter linked to the history of the area and Harry Potter, is the brainchild of Edinburgh-based artist Scott Methven.

“Its been a few months planning with discussions and consultations with the Artist Scott Methven  but we now have a rather fantastic painting / wall mural on Candlemaker Row.”

The Artist


Scott Methven is an Edinburgh based artist and designer. Born in Perth, he moved to Edinburgh in 2009 to pursue his artistic studies and experimentation.

Working in predominantly Indian ink, oil pastel and ceramic paint, his works take from history, nature and his own surroundings to create multi layered, exploratory and often surreal works.

If you appreciate the artwork there are also specially commissioned limited edition prints of the mural available from Maple Arts…