We are able to offer SAME DAY / NEXT DAY SERVICE on some requests so please ask!

We understand each piece of artwork is different and that each individual customer has their own unique requirements and cost considerations. We always try our best to keep your costs down to a minimum.

Bespoke Picture Framing

Most frame making requests are completed in just one week. At the moment turnaround is around 7-10 days. We are able to offer SAME / NEXT DAY SERVICE on some requests so please ask!

All picture framing is hand finished and manufactured in-house using the best materials. (F.S.C. Certified)

We stock some original paintings, limited / open edition prints & gifts in our Art Gallery near the grassmarket on candlemaker row.

how to picture framing steps diagram

Perspex Sheets As An Alternative To Glass:

Perspex is very light, it weighs less than half the weight of glass for the same sized sheet and is as transparent as optical glass. It’s also very strong and some types of acrylic have a much greater resistance to impact than glass does and when it does shatter, it does so more safely than glass. Perspex is also a better thermal insulator than glass and much easier to work with and shape.